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ARR Immigration and Visa Services Inc. (ARRIVES CANADA) is the best choice for immigration solutions because it is a trusted Canadian immigration consultancy firm, regulated by the CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants). It is based in the beautiful province of British Columbia and was established to help people with their visit, study, work , sponsorship or other types of immigration matters. ARR Immigration and Visa Services Inc. has helped numerous clients get the necessary help they need to immigrate to Canada or gain citizenship as well as navigating opportunities beyond Canadian borders!

ARR Immigration and Visa Services Inc. is an incorporated entity since July 30th, 2021.

Immigration Services

The Express Entry system is one of the latest systems started by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for professionals wanting to settle permanently in Canada. It streamlines the immigration processes as well as certification requirements, thereby quickly determining whether an applicant can qualify to begin applying for permanent residence in Canada or not.

We help our clients plan and make their Canadian immigration process a real success. We can assist you with the application of sponsorship for all your relatives. For an application to get approved, the sponsor must need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria and would require proof regarding his or her financial ability to support and sustain a permanent Canadian residence.

A multiple entry visa could be the best option for you if one plans to visit Canada more than once within a certain time period. However, a multiple entry visa that grants you six months for each entry can end up being harder to manage as it would also mean you'd have to leave the country again after six months every time and re-enter to reset your 6-month clock from zero.

A study visa is an option that international students may take advantage of during their stay in Canada. These visas will allow students to pursue their studies at a specific Canadian educational institution for a defined period of time. If you are interested in applying for a study visa, we can help you find the best programs available and prepare your application, so it is ready to present.

A home support worker makes a difference by offering assistance and comfort to seniors, persons with disabilities and convalescent clients. Assistance is given within the client's residence from within the comfort of the client's home. If a client has mobility issues, your home care job could include helping a senior or an elderly person with transportation to and from local shopping centres or community resources on behalf of their doctor.

When the local Canadian workforce is no longer sufficient to fill a position in your company, you can apply for a Provincial Nominee Program. This program requires that potential employees have the necessary education and experience to bring to bear upon them for promoting Canada's economic development. We can help with completing this process so you don't have to worry about spending all of your hours dealing with immigration.

The Temporary Foreign Worker program is a Canadian immigration option that allows individuals who are neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident to work in Canada for positions that are facing labour shortages and are unfilled by Canadians. To qualify for this visa, you must find an employer willing to hire you or must apply on your behalf and then request an approval. Once hired, the process begins with the approval of your LMIA.

Canada is in need of labour to fill positions, so they have authorized foreign workers to work in the country on a temporary basis in order to fill in certain key roles that it needs foreign workers to help it with. The Canadian government recently announced changes to its Temporary Foreign Workers program in an effort to modernize it and deal with the shadow population that has been created due to some local labour shortages which are particularly acute in Western Canada.

If you have lived in Canada for a few years and also hold a permanent resident status, you may easily apply to become a Canadian citizen. Our team of experts will guide you through the application process step by step so that everything is as easy as possible for you for the citizenship test.

If you have recently become a Canadian citizen, then you might be wondering what you need to do to get a Canadian Passport. That is a good question, and we can help you. We offer a variety of immigration services to help you through the process to obtain a Canadian Passport.


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