Get a Canadian Passport

Get a passport

Adult and child passport applications, passport offices and processing times for renewals and new applications.

More information on applying for Canadian Passport.

Sponsor a family member

Applications and processing times for sponsoring spouses, partners, dependent children or other relatives to Canada.

Eligible Sponsors such as Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents and Indians registered under Canadian Indian Act can sponsor their spouse, common law or conjugal partner and dependent children to immigrate to Canada. The sponsor needs to meet certain criteria to become an eligible sponsor.

The spouse can be of either sex and must be:

  • legally married to you
  • at least 18 years old

Under the Parents and Grandparents Program, eligible sponsors can sponsor their parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada. Sponsors must submit an expression of interest, but they won't be guaranteed an invitation to apply unless they meet certain criteria.

Get proof of citizenship

Applications and processing times for a citizenship certificate and a list of other documents accepted as proof of Canadian citizenship.

Permanent Residents are eligible to become a Canadian Citizen if they have lived in Canada for 3 (1095 days) out of the last 4 year. Applicants should have filed the taxes, if applicable to applicant has to prove the language skills and eventually pass a citizenship test.

Canadian Citizenship may be obtained in three ways:

  • Birth in Canada.
  • Birth to Canadian citizen abroad.
  • Naturalization.

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