Provincial Nominee Program

What is Provincial Nominee Program about

Provincial Nominee Program

This program is for workers who:

  • Have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory.
  • Want to live in that province, and
  • Want to become permanent residents of Canada.

Each province and territory has its own “streams” (immigration programs that target certain groups) and requirements. For example, in a program stream, provinces and territories may target:

  • Students.
  • Business people.
  • Skilled workers.
  • Semi-skilled workers.

Understand the application options

How you will apply depends on which Provincial Nominee Program stream you’re applying to. You might need to apply using the paper-based process, or by the online process through Express Entry.

As part of the process, you will have to pass a medical exam and get a police check (certificate). Everyone must have these checks, no matter where they plan to live in Canada.

How the Provincial Nominee Program works

Review the application process and find out how to contact a province or territory.

Aside from the general requirements for the program, each applicant will be reviewed according to additional requirements (so for instance an interest in language could rule out a certain candidate). In addition, companies that are registered as having full time employees must meet specific eligibility criteria. For example, there must be at least 4 full time employees and they must be located in British Columbia.

BC PNP offers two streams:

  • Regular stream where applicants must meet only eligibility requirements under one of the BC PNP categories.
  • Express Entry stream where in addition to eligibility requirements under one of the BC PNP categories, applicants must also meet the eligibility criteria under one of the federal economic class programs (CEC, FSWC, FSTC) and have a valid Express Entry (EE) profile.

The difference main difference between the above two streams is the length of the application process and the number of application stages.

Apply online as a provincial nominee through Express Entry

How to get a nomination, what to do if you get one and what happens if it’s withdrawn.

Once you are nominated or selected by the provinces, you can put forward your permanent residency application.

Apply as a provincial nominee on paper

Get a nomination, fill out your application, pay your fees, and what happens after you apply.


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